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Residential Services 

one call does it all


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  • Check the entire residence for leaks

  • Check A/C units to ensure they are running properly 

  • Check appliances including refrigerator, temperature and garbage disposal

  • Report burnt light bulbs or if smoke detectors need new batteries

  • Flush toilets and run sinks, showers, and bathtubs to preserve seals and prevent odor

  • Provide comprehensive weekly report of residence 


  • Housekeeping Services | $37.50/man hour

  • Window cleaning | call for a quote

    • Exterior Windows - includes all windows accessible from balconies, including railing glass and balcony floor ​

    • Interior Windows - includes all window within your residence 

  • Home-Care Weekly Inspections | $150.00/month

  • Pre-arrival residence set-up and grocery shopping | $55.00/hour

  • Supervise/coordinate vendors and deliveries | $55.00/hour

  • Move balcony furniture in/out | $55.00-$110.00

  • Additional services upon request | call for a quote

                                                                                                                              Rates are a minimum one man/hour plus materials


  • Replace light bulbs and batteries | $55.00/man hour

  • Hang pictures, mirrors, and fixtures | price quoted per job

  • Adjust/install/repair shelves and doors | $55.00/man hour

  • Replace A/C filters and water filters | $55.00/man hour

  • Repair sliding glass door tracks and/or door locks | $55.00/man hour

  • Plumbing repairs/replacement | $75.00/man hour

  • Electrical repairs/replacement | $75.00/man hour

  • Additional services upon request | call for a quote

                                                                                                                                                                                  Rates are a minimum one man/hour plus materials


  • From painting a room to remodeling the kitchen, no job is too big or too small 

  • Our vendors are licensed, insured, and reliable 

      Going a step further, we can manage the process so you have someone on-site supervising, coordinating, and most importantly communicating consistently with you. Just one contact for the entire process !

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